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Entertainment Staff

Games, mini junior and teen club, sport activities, card tournaments , beach tennis and beach volley, group dance, shows in Piazza Dante, parties on the beach.
A daily planning to accompany your holidays. For children and adults, staff always there to entertain you and your children in an amusing but discreet way.
Have a look at our daily schedule:

H. 09.45 Muscular Awakening
H. 10.10 Mini , Junior & Teen club at the beach, games, activities and sunbathing.
H. 11.00 Happy Fitness on the beach
H. 12.00 “Win the appetizer” game
H. 13.15 "Win the espresso" game
H. 16.00 Swimming pool games/ Sport tournaments on the beach
H. 16.00 Mini Club, junior club and teen club activities  
H. 18.00 Yoga 
H. 20.45 The Dante Baby Dance, the most famous, renowned, energetic baby dance!
H. 21.30 The evening show. Every night a different show, from Cabaret to the dance night, the games night, the typically Romagna-style night, artists as guests, ...waiting for the parties on the beach.
H. 23.00 good night, bye byes, and…sweet dreams…..ready for the surprises of the following day!
Entertainment Staff during the lunch and dinner time. In the Relax Kids Hall, the staff hostes kids after the lunch( from 13,00 to 14,00) or dinner ( 19.30 to 20.30, except Saturday). The hall is the right place where children can spend times after the lunch or dinner, where a children/kids library is available and where kids can watch movies and cartoons

The entertainment staff is always available to accompany our kind guests at the discovery of Cervia, of coast and of the wonderful Romagna territory. Even in case of bad weather, we are ready to entartain all our guests...many rooms for the games of the children, and for the adults, the right place to relax...

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