Loyalty Program
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Loyalty Program

This activity is excluded from reward programs as per art. 6, par. 1, letter "c-bis" of the Presidential Decree No. 430/01 
PARTICIPANTS: all clients aged over 18 who have stayed at the Club Hotel Dante between 15/05 and 15/09 in the years from 2013 to 2015 and between 01/01 and 31/12 in the years 2016 and 2017 are eligible participants for this activity.
The subscription is completely free of charge and does not imply purchasing any goods and/or services.
 Clients can subscribe in two different ways:
- via the website www.clubhoteldante.it in the Dante Club section by filling in the form in the footer: clients must provide their email address, name and surname.
- at the Club Hotel Dante, by filling in the subscription form with your personal information and handing it in to the Reception staff. If the information written in the form is not readable, the Club Hotel Dante will not be able to identify the Client and will not sign him/her up for the Program.
It will not be possible to sign up third parties for the Program, otherwise the subscription will be cancelled and - in case the third party has gained any points - these will be cancelled.
Points are calculated based on an algorithm depending on the amount of money paid by the subscriber during his/her stay at the Club Hotel Dante. The period of time for the calculation is from 15/05 to 15/09 of every year from 2003 to 2015 and from 01/01 to 31/12 for the 2016 and 2017.
Points earned with Club Hotel Dante holidays in the aforementioned period of time can be used according to the following guidelines:
- A) for "Sole/Mare" price list formulas
- B) for "Family Wellness Special Occasions" formulas
- C) for "Super Week-End" formulas 
The points earned can be used for your stay in order to obtain a discount on the total amount due for your holiday (tourist tax excluded, if applicable). The points can be used up until a maximum 4% amount of the total amount due for your holiday (eg. Total amount = 1000 Euro, maximum discount applicable = 40 Euro)
The discount will have a 1:1 Euro/point ratio (eg: 40 points=  40 Euro discount)
Points can be accumulated with the aforementioned holiday formulas (A,B,C) and used in 2017 based on the same rules used for the 2003-2015 campaign.
Crediting and, consequently, using the points for 2017 will be possible starting from 1/01/2017 and will account for 2% of the total client’s expenditure during A,B,C periods in 2016.
The points earned will be usable within 3 calendar years' time, after which they can no longer be used (e.g. points earned in 2003-2015 can only be used until 31/12/2018; points earned in 2016 can be used until 2019).
The points will be credited to the person whose name was used to register the purchase document (invoice, receipt, etc.). The registered client will decide how to use the points earned: obtaining discounts or transferring them to third parties (the latter will necessarily have to subscribe to the Fidelity Program in order to receive the points) in order for them to obtain further discounts.
The points can only grant discounts for future holidays and cannot be used retroactively for discounts.
Points can be earned and used only for "direct bookings" at the Club Hotel Dante. "Direct booking" means:
- online booking via our website, by entering a period of time and a formula in the mask on top left of the page marked "Online Booking" and by following the instructions;
- over the phone, by calling us at +390544977448
- per email, by sending a quotation request to info@clubhoteldante.it providing information on the family members and the period for booking;
- personally at the reception desk, by asking for a detailed quotation from our staff.
It will not be possible to use the earned points when booking via intermediaries (travel agencies, tour operators, etc.).
- Points cannot be negotiated nor converted into money, but can only be used to get discounts on holidays that are about end.
- It will not be possible to request discounts retroactively.
- Club Hotel Dante reserves the right to postpone the deadline of this activity. In case the deadline is postponed, the new terms and conditions to earn and use points will apply and will be communicated.
- Clients who have not booked and purchased a holiday for at least 36 months (starting from 15.05.2016) will be considered as inactive and the previously earned points in their accounts will be eliminated.
- All points earned by every Client and not used within the aforementioned terms will be eliminated at the end of this activity.
By subscribing at Dante Club, you authorize Club Hotel Dante to process your personal data in compliance to art. 13 of the personal data protection code (Leg. Decree 196/2003).
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